Lauren Komasuki and Unicorno

Lauren Komasuki (Japanese:ローレンユニコーン Komasuki Lauren) is a Legendary Blader in Metal Fight Beyblade Ancient Awakening and owns Duo Unicorno B:D. Her Bey is infused with the Star Fragment of Winter.


Lauren is a very serouis blader she is this way because of her past. She will joke around from time to time. But when it comes to blading she poors her heart out and gives it her all in every battle. She loves her friends as if they were her family, she considers them as her family.

Legendary Bladers 2

Lauren's vision of the Legendary Bladers.


Lauren was left at the door step of a drunken married couple. They did not care much about her so at the age of 5 she left out and learned to be by her self, She had learned how to defend her self against anything that comes in her way. At the age of 4 she was already learning how to master the power of Beyblade. At the age of 8 she travled around the world seeking her parents she finally found them but they vanished. Finally after finding her parents once more for the last time she murderd them with her bey Unicorno. Secretly her parents were training to find her once more and kill her, Her parents murderd the Drunken Married Couple.She never found out the name of who her parents were. She buried Her Blood parents grave and one last good bye spit on there grave and stormed off with just her Bey and her Bible. At the age of 10 She bent down and prayed to God (Like always). God one day told her that she is the Blader of Winter. After that she knew she would have to use that power for good and that she must give it her all in every battle that comes at her. When Lauren battles strong bladers God takes over her body and dominates the battle.She has never lost a battle and will never give up on hope. Her dream is to become the Number One blader in the World.



Duo Unicorno using it's full power.

Duo Unicorno B:D- Lauren's only confirmed Beyblade.

Face Bolt: Unicorno

Clear Wheel: Unicorno

Metal Wheel: Duo

4D Bottom: Bearing : Drive


Rapid Cellular Regeneration-Is the ability that allows Lauren to regenerate cells, resulting in physical injuries healing with a matter of seconds.